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After some counsel & prayer, I’ve decided to remove this post. If you are interested in the subject, I encourage you to consult your Catechism and spend some time with your local parish priest.

Fr. Maurer

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  1. Hi Stu,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really at a loss at how this has blown into such a debate. The Catechism seems very clear to me, and makes the answers on the issue very easy. Or so I would have thought!

    My off-the-cuff response would be an affirmation that Christ and lying are incompatible. I would speculate that perhaps Christ reconciles the universal call to salvation with this statement by opening the house of Israel to all, or that all people were somehow already tied to the house of Israel.

    The danger of throwing out this kind of example is that it implies that if we can not find answer for it, then lying must somehow be endorsed by the example. Its a logical fallacy (informal I think, though I can’t consistently identify which fallacy was which).

    Sadly, far too few care enough to think through the logic of a statement. Much easier to appeal to emotional issues and common opinion. What kills me is that the Catechism – now being put up for debate – was created to address this very problem. When folks had a question that was unclear, especially because of opinions and emotional issues, the Catechism would be a sure source of Catholic teaching.